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Miami Negligent Security Attorney

Property owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition for the safety of their customers, members of the public or others lawfully on their property. This duty involves more than just protecting people from a slip and fall or trip and fall due to negligence or hazardous conditions. Property owners may also be liable for assaults or other crimes which occur on their property because the owner failed to take reasonable measures for the security of the premises and safety of visitors to the property.

Miami personal injury attorney Michael Goldfarb holds property owners liable when their negligent security is to blame for an assault or other injury on their property. Learn more about negligent security and premises liability below, and contact Goldfarb Law if you have been injured due to negligent security in Miami.

Examples of negligent security for which property owners may be liable

Simply keeping a space well-lit may be enough to deter crime in otherwise dangerous spots. These include parking garages, stairwells and parking lots where physical altercations or criminal activity might occur. Installing adequate lighting and keeping those lights maintained by replacing light bulbs as needed is a reasonable measure that can be expected of property owners, including owners or managers of shopping malls and apartment buildings.

Other reasonable security measures may include gated entries, security fences, security cameras, keyed entries, alarms, and security guards on-site or making regular patrols. The level of security that is reasonable for particular premises depends on a number of factors, such as the level of criminal activity in the general area and whether there has been any recent criminal activity occurring on the property itself. Miami premises liability attorney can help you recover compensation from property owners who failed to take reasonable steps for your security.

Reasonable security at Miami bars and nightclubs

Miami has an active night life, with some popular hotspots open and serving alcohol all night long. In addition to keeping parking lots sufficiently well-lighted, bars and nightclubs should also be staffed with a sufficient number of adequately trained personnel to deal with drunk or unruly patrons. Bouncers and security may be necessary to prevent or break up fights among patrons, but bar staff themselves also need to be adequately screened, trained and supervised to make sure they don’t unnecessarily injury a patron while performing their jobs. Posting someone at the door who can also monitor the parking lot is another common and reasonably expected security measure at many establishments.

Other establishments will have their own varying degree of reasonable security measures required. For instance:

Apartment Complexes – Tenants and their guests have a right to feel safe in carports, stairwells and hallways. Something as simple as replacing a light bulb can deter and prevent crime. Added security and tenant-controlled access are simple security measures that are reasonable in most instances.

Airports – Always a high-risk premises requiring adequate and functioning security measures, airport authorities should take care to monitor restricted areas, ensure alarm systems are present and functioning, install and monitor security cameras and secure entrances and exits. Background checks should be performed on airport employees, and airline staff should be trained in the removal of intoxicated or violent passengers.

Public Venues – Sporting events, concerts, fairs and other events which attract large crowds also invite the possibility of criminal activity or fights breaking out. Event managers can take reasonable steps to secure entrances, utilize identity checks and metal detectors, use controlled access panels, install gates and fencing, and utilize security guards, bouncers and doormen for effective crowd control.

Call Attorney Michael Goldfarb after a Negligent Security Injury in Miami

If you have been harmed because of a Miami property owner’s negligent security, contact Goldfarb Law at 305-433-3200 for a free consultation with a skilled and knowledgeable Miami premises liability attorney about possible compensation for your injuries.

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